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Name: Stacey
Birthday: 22.12.1992
Experience: Since 2011
Expertise: Layouts
Program: Photoshop CS5.1
Host: dethpunch.com


Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention is the design portfolio of a 22 year old amateur graphic designer. Hobbyist, not professional.

Everything found on this site was made by the site owner for the use of the individual who requested the graphic or layout only - besides graphics and layouts found in the premades section; these are free for your use. All resource information can be found on the credits page. If anything is found copied or altered in any way, this is against my personal rules for requests, and guilty individuals will be placed onto my blacklist.

I first started learning simple HTML on MySpace.com in 2007-2008. This further led to learning simple CSS on VampireFreaks.com in mid-2009. I created simple cult and profile layouts, not knowing exactly what I was doing. After about half a years break from VF, I became active again and got myself a copy of photoshop in early 2011. I further proceeded to learn more than just simple HTML & CSS, and did some photoshop tutorials - enough to design, and style full cult, profile, gallery and journal layouts on VampireFreaks. I'm learning more each time I create something, and though it may take a while - I'm sure I can get to the standard I'd like to be at some day.

On VampireFreaks.com - I'm an official designer, and staff member of the VF Design Team cult; we do site related projects, as well as requests from members in VF Sponsored cults (the 10 most active cults/forums on VampireFreaks). This fulfills majority of my online free time.

Layout design by StungByFate @ http://divine-intervention.dethpunch.com/ for site owner's use only - All credits listed here